Cocktails in a bottle

Cocktails in bottle with 700cc

We have available a full line of delicious cocktails, just to be pour in a glass.

No more complicated recipes of cocktails and hundredths of bottles to make a single cocktail.

It’s time for party and not to lose time. It’s time to be with friends.

Very easily you can start to savor you cocktail:
  • Open the bottle
  • Pour in the glass
  • Decorate the glass (if you want)
  • Sip and enjoy

Easy method for enjoyed a cocktail at home with friends.

For bars, restaurants and pubs that want easily and quickly serve a cocktail to a customer.


Cocktail Mojito
The best interpretation of a classic.
A true classic that cannot lack in your nights. Enjoy the best interpretation of this cocktail, probably the best mojito on this side of the world.

Cocktail Caipirinha
The most suggestive mix.
You can now enjoy the typical Brazilian cocktail with the Caipirinha cocktail.
Move your senses to the beautiful beaches of Rio with this suggestive mix of lime, ‘cachaça’, tequila and vodka.

Cocktail Sex on the beach
Strength and flavor.
Taste another dimension with the strength of this cocktail that combines all the flavor of the tropical natural fruits with the best Caribbean rum and a subtle touch of vodka. And remember his name…

Cocktail Piña colada
A centennial Recipe.
The traditional flavor of this combination acquires greater dimension with this centennial recipe that delight the Caribbean coasts.

Cocktail Mangolada
Trigger your senses
The latest in flavor. Mango and coconut seasoned with the best Caribbean rum, and mixed in a suggestive dairy base that will make your senses soar.

Cocktail Daikiri
Ideal to start the night.
Sensual explosion of your senses with this cocktail that we have designed for you.
A pleasure and ideal to start the night.

We have available a full line of spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, etc.

To check all our spirits line of products just visit our website.

If you want you can contact us.

We export our products worldwide for importers and retailers.

Enjoy your favorite cocktail and cheers…


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