White Wine Bianco DOC Lison-Pramaggiore BIO without sulphites

Italian organic white wine without sulphites.

This organic white wine it’s suitable for Vegan’s meals.

BIO VEGAN certification by ICEA.

It’s a white wine with pale yellow color and warm golden hues.

In the nose it’s intense, with marked fruity and floral notes.

White wine with typical smooth flavour, lingering and elegant tones of almonds.

If you are allergic to wine sulphites or you don’t like wine sulphites, this white wine it’s perfect for you!

This white wine it’s perfect for pairing with tasty entrées, with fish and white meats.

To appreciate this white wine in all its breadth uncork at last moment and serve at 10°C.

As the product has no sulphites, we suggest to drink it up by two days after uncorking.

The grapes are cleaned and cooled.
Dynamic skin macerations exploiting the fermentation gases and traditional punching down.
Controlled fermentation temperature.

Few months exposure to its fine activated lees.
Controlled clarification temperature and conservation in steel vats.
Conservations happen in oxygen absence.
The final product is the fruit of the sample fermentation of the grape juice without addition of any additive.

ABV: 12% vol.
Total acidity: 5.3 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.18 g/l

Sulphites in wine are chemicals used as preservatives to prevent browning and discoloration in foods and drinks. For wine making sulphites have been used for centuries.

Sulphites within the range of six and 6,000 ppm can be found in everyday foods: canned tuna, pizza dough, jams, gelatin, trail mix, cheese, deli meat and even prescription pills.

Wine is one of the few products that carry the words “contains sulphites” on its label.

Studies show that only a very small portion of the population is allergic to sulphites. It’s even rarer for people have a severe reaction when exposed to sulphites (mainly asthmatics). Common allergic reactions to sulphites include hives, cramps, and red or blotchy skin. Researchers and allergy specialists suggest organically grown wines as a substitute if conventional wines produce these symptoms.

Headaches have not been shown to be a common allergic reaction to sulphites in wine. In fact, more sulphites are generally added to white wines than red wines and most headache sufferers complain after drinking red wines. Headaches are most likely due to other chemicals found in conventional wines. Little is known about sulphites and how people react specifically to them but more research is on the way.

Don’t say no! Just try our organic white wine sulphites free.

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