Blonde Belgium Beer

Bobeline lager is a refermented bottled 8.5° beer.

Although it packs a punch, it goes down well at pre-dinner drinks and can accompany a simple meal.

However, it remains a degustation beer first and foremost. It forms part of the strong lager category.

It is full-bodied and has a thick head. When you taste it, you notice a fruity, slightly zesty and spicy taste, in addition to barley and yeast, with a tinge of bitterness, but no hint of aggressiveness.


Didier Dumalin had the idea of creating Bobeline, a beer named after Spa, in 1991. “Although I am originally from Liège”, he says, “I have been coming to Spa on holiday every year in August, since I was a young boy. I have always adored this area, and wanted to do something here. This is why I created a beer, Bobeline, in Spring 1991, which was introduced to mark the Crêtes de Spa event”.

Bobeline started out well, and then clearly “just got by” for around ten years. The beer actually almost disappeared in late 2004. However, it has experienced a dramatic revival, just like thermal cures at Spa.

We have reached the point where it is very hard not to find it in Spa! It is currently available in virtually all of Spa’s hotels, restaurants and catering outlets, as well as from small and large food retailers, institutions, and sports clubs, etc.; i.e. from around fifty retail outlets in Spa.

Given the success encountered at the time when Bobeline lager was relaunched, a dark beer was created in early March 2006. In fact, it was “recreated”, since there had already been a dark version of Bobeline, but only on a temporary basis.

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ABV: 8.5%
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Box: 24 x 33cl


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