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Wine acidity

Wine acidity is one of the most important elements to give life and nerve to the palate. If you still have trouble identifying it when tasting your wines, this article will help you discover it.

As with any food or beverage, wine stimulates our senses, especially taste and smell. Acidity, precisely, is one of the basic flavors that can be appreciated in the palate and tongue thanks to the taste buds in the same way as salinity, sweetness and bitterness.

However, acidity translates into the freshness of the wine as its presence stimulates the taste buds to secrete more saliva and thus refresh the palate.

But how to notice if one wine is more acidic or fresh than another.

The first exercise we can practice is to mix water with fresh citrus juice such as lemon or lime to identify the reaction that these stimuli generate on the palate. The ideal is to prepare several samples with different amounts of citrus juice to notice the different levels that the palate can tolerate.

However, the acidit…

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