Beer Kapittel Blond

Belgium Craft Beer

The beer Kapittel Blond is a mild blond high-fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

It has a slightly sweet and sour attack, with a mildly fruity palate and hints of citrus and orange.

The light finish, combined with the tingle of the carbonation, combines to create a balanced thirst-quenching and refreshing ale.

Technical information:
ABV: 6.5 vol%
Degrees Plato: 14°
Hops: 3 varieties
Malt: 2 varieties

Fermentation: high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Although some may call this beer a “Strong Belgian Blond”, you’ll discover a lightly sour-sweet yeasty fruit on a par with mildly sweet pale malts and a refreshing flow of really fragrant, springy flower blossoms, orangey-citric fruity hops with a mildly mineral, chewy bitterness.

The finishing undertone is a tad zesty or slightly tangy to render a intriguing contrast with the smooth flowery aftertaste, light on the carbonation, just sufficient to render a refreshing palate, against a medium body and moderate flavor profile.

We recommend that you enjoy the Beer Kapittel Blond at 6°C

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