Wine ALZAVOLA Bianco

Italian Organic White Wine

Organic white wine Alzavola bianco is a full bodied wine with a rich and intense aroma.

This wine has an elegantly floral bouquet due to the perfect blend of Pecorino and Malvasia wine grapes.

Full of great elegance and persistence, with hints of honey and wildflowers Alzavola bianco has a well-balanced level of acidity and has a nice freshness in the finish.

Production Area

Old vineyards selected in the municipalities of Orsogna, Filleto and Guardiagrele in Italy.

The soils are made up of textured lands and generally end with a limestone substrate and rocky outcrops sparse.

The thermal values characterize a rather warm texture, with little annual rainfall and very high temperature ranges; ideal conditions that have a positive influence on the quality of the grapes.

Grape/Blend: 60% Pecorino and 40% Malvasia.
Harvest: First ten days of October.

Wine-making Process: The grapes, in an advanced state of ripeness, are harvested manually. Temperature-controlled fermentation at 14-16 °C
Refinement: The wine is stored in stainless steel tanks and bottled for 6 months.

Wine Color: Bright yellow with golden highlights.
Tasting Notes: Intense aroma, full of elegance and persistence, with hints of honey and wildflowers. A full-bodied wine with a soft taste and good balance.
Alcohol Content: 14%

This organic white wine pairs very well with pasta, truffles, and a large variety of fish and white meat dishes both baked and with sauce.

Please enjoy this white wine at one temperature between 12°C – 14°C.

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