Rosso Veneziano IGT Veneto Orientale BIO

Italian Organic and Vegan red wine, produced with the grapes variety Cabernet and Merlot.

Red wine with excellent structural quality, full, robust, rich color.
It has a ruby red color tending to garnet with aging.
With an aroma intense, vinous, slightly herbaceous perfume; young reminiscent of raspberries
Since it was aged 2-3 years has a dry taste.
Truly tannic, harmonious and velvety. Excellent organic red wine.
Served with roast, fried and stewed dishes, white and red meats or cold meats like salamis.

Rosso Veneziano should be uncorked 2 to 3 hours before and served at 18°C.

Alcohol content: 12%vol

Organic Agriculture

The methods of Organic Agriculture adopted by our company include the development of a sustainable model, based on the principles of preservation and enhancement of resources and respect for the environment and consumer health.
It indicates a method of cultivation that leads us to program the winemaking from the vineyard, believing in the potential of a vineyard without chemical and respectful of the area of the grape, avoiding to force the soil with chemical fertilizers that tend to stimulate the quantitative production of the plant, to the detriment of the qualitative one and to impoverish the precious relationship Land / Plant / Climate which is the necessary balance for the development of a strong vine that produces healthy grapes, balanced and rich and to make identifiable and unique wines.
Organic wine is a product that comes from a type of cultivation with very specific rules, established by Reg. 834/07 and EC Reg. 889/08.

BIO VEGAN certification.

Lately, always more frequently, our customers ask us if our wines are vegan, and, as in our productions we do not use any animal adjuvant wine, nor GMO, we got the BIO VEGAN certification by ICEA.

Organic grapes are grown on vines in soils, managed in harmony with nature, containing large numbers of earthworms, beetles and other organisms. The grape varieties chosen are adapted to local conditions and as resistant to disease as possible. From these organic grapes local wineries and chateaux produce high quality and rich wines.

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