Italian red wine with 100% Merlot grapes.

It’s a red wine with intense ruby color.
With a clean aroma with notes of raspberry, small fruits of the undergrowth, herbaceous.
In the mouth it’s a red wine medium bodied, with fruit flavours and light tannin.

Ideal with pasta, poultry, white and red meat.

ABV: 12.5%
Enjoy it at 16°-18° C.

One red wine Merlot from the vineyard situated southeast of Vicenza, in the heart of Veneto Region, among the Colli Berici (Berici Hills) of volcanic origin.
This area is rich in history and art, which is worth visiting for its architectural masterpieces of Palladio’s villas, masterpieces admired and imitated all over the world and precious wines.
The climate is mild and the peculiar soils are ideal for the vines and olive trees, present in these places since ancient time.
Here where the nature is still intact, a true tresure, we produce our wines following traditional method made from grapes with intense flavours and genuine aroma.

Our aim is to produce wines of increasingly high quality and our role is to create the condition to let this happen.

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