Beer Gueuze (Gefilterd)

Lambic Beer Gueuze (Gefilterd)

A beer gueuze that is both sweet and dry with a pleasantly sweet attack and a fresh, slightly sour finish reminiscent of sherry with notes of champagne and rhubarb.

Filtered before being bottled, this is a sweet variation of old Gueuze.

Filtered beer gueuze (also called capped gueuze) was developed by lambic brewers in response to the arrival of pilsner beers.

Due to its 25 cl bottles, this sweetened version of traditional gueuze (which does not undergo a fermentation process in the bottle) had the advantage of being consumed by a wider audience and easier to store in a refrigerator.

A one year old lambic that is slightly sweet, making the gueuze more appealing to a wider audience.

COLOUR: Golden and light blond

Fish (salted or with cream sauce), mussels, Chicken, turkey (preferably with a Gueuze Lindemans based sauce)

We recommend that you enjoy this beer at one temperature between 2° to 3°C

Developed according to this production method, Gueuze Lindemans is a slightly sweeter version of Old Gueuze Cuvée René.

Available in bottle with 0.375L, 0.25L and Key Keg with 20L


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