Beer Gordon Finest Titanium

Strong beer in can

Beer Gordon Finest Titanium reveals an extreme strength of flavour that’s somewhere between the steely and the sweet.

Immaculately clad in its grey-flecked jacket, this XXXtra Strong canned beer presents a velvet fist and a manly, elegant taste, weighing in at 14% alcohol by volume.

Gordon Finest Titanium has a resolute, persuasive flavour, and conceals beneath its dazzling white foam the harsh beauty of the moors and the immutable character of the crags of bonnie Scotland.

To be taken in moderation!

Alcohol: 14%
Colour: Blond
Fermentation: Low
Type: XXXtra Strong Lager
Format: in can with 50cl

Please enjoy this beer at one temperature between 4° - 6°C

Titanium beer is not at all like the others. Loyal to the name designation, it perpetuates strength from the noose on, aligning immediately the body and the taste in a most elegant way .Strictness and frivolity are bordering with a perfect combination, to a perfumed blend of malts when entering, joint by a bitter rounded character, warm in the development on the palate as well as on the aromatic ending, on the tips but without stumbling.

Its generous sprankle is amazing, attaching to the glass and spattering like volcano lava.

The beer leaves a strong impression of desire and invites with prudence to appreciate it, with moderation but in all loyalty.

It doesn’t leave you empty-handed. The charm and strength stir together for your biggest pleasure.

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