Wine Vinho Verde Rose and Asian food

The Portuguese rose wine Vinho Verde

It’s a fantastic wine for pairing with several types of Asian food.

In Japan, this wine produced only with Espadeiro grapes, it’s fantastic for pairing with a meal like sushi (すし), sashimi (刺身) and tempura (天ぷら) consisting of seafood and/or vegetables deep fried.

For a place like Hong Kong we recommend that the wine will be pairing with a delicious meal of Dim Sum (點心). We recommend a meal with several Dim Sum dishes like; Shaomai (燒賣), Shrimp dumpling (蝦餃), Guotie (鍋貼): Pan-fried dumpling, Shaomai (烧卖; 燒賣): Steamed dumplings with pork and prawns, Barbecued pork bun (叉燒包): Bun with barbecued pork filling, and other fantastic Dim Sum delights.

Wine rose with a beautiful light salmon rose.

In the nose the aroma it’s very fruity raspberry, red berries and fresh strawberries.

The palate it’s dry, light, fresh due to its good acidity, citrus, stands the very fresh red fruits intense.

It’s a wonderfully wine Vinho Verde Espadeiro that has a slight effervescent quality that accentuates the wine’s refreshing acidity. Drinking a glass of Vinho Verde can often taste like the most delicious lemonade you’ve ever had.

We recommend that you enjoy the Espadeiro wine Vinho Verde at the temperature of 8° to 10°C.

And also Vinho Verde Espadeiro it’s also lower alcohol content, ABV: 11% Vol.

This means your palate won’t get as fatigued as you are drinking.

Our wine it’s certified by The Vegan Community. This means that can be consumed with vegetarian meals by Vegan’s.

Cheers and let us know your opinion.

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