White wine Vinho Verde

Portuguese white wine Vinho Verde

Traditional Portuguese white wine Vinho Verde with citrus with greenish reflexes color.
In the nose present us one aroma to white flowers, floral and fruity enhancing green apples and peach.
In the palate it’s dry, fruity enhancing green apples and peach with smooth intensity. Long and persistent.
One white wine Vinho Verde with moderated acidity that gives freshness.

We recommend that this white wine will be consumed at a temperature between 8° to10°C.

Everyday white wine Vinho Verde
The white wine Vinho Verde wine “Encosta do Xisto” that is to be consumed daily with your meals. It is a wine that has no pretensions getting older in a wine cellar, is a wine to be drunk now.

This wine it’s Vegan certified by the Vegan Society. It can be consumed pairing with Vegan meals.

ABV: 12% Vol.

Harvest: 2016
Grapes Varieties: 40% Loureiro, 30% Trajadura and 30% Arinto
Harvest in September of 2016 with hand picking

The Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde is unique in the world.
Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness and aromatic and flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate Vinho Verde.
Exclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde in northwestern Portugal, it is only produced from the indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typicity of aromas and flavors as unique in the world of wine.

White wine Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw-colored with rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the grapes that are used. They have a balanced palate, and are intense and very refreshing.

Bottles of wine should be stored in the dark at a constant temperature, preferably between 12-14°C, for instance, in a cellar. The storage location should not be very humid (relative humidity should be less than 75%) to avoid mold damage to labels and corks. The bottles should be stored lying down to ensure the cork is always in contact with the wine.

The temperature at which wine is served has a preponderant role in the perception of its quality.
If the bottle is at a temperature of 20 ° C, it will require about 2 to 3 hours in a refrigerator to bring the wine to the proper temperature.

Alternatively, if the wine is placed in a bucket with ice and water, it will require about 20-30 minutes. But as important as serving wine at the right temperature is, it is also important to keep it at the same temperature, for example with a bucket with ice and water.

Glasses are another key element of wine service. The same wine served in different glasses conveys a different perception of the flavors and aromas.

The glass must be colorless and without ornamentation, to allow perception of the color and clarity of wine. It should also have a stem, thus preventing the hand from heating the wine or dirtying the glass. It is also important to allow the wine to come in contact with the air. Bordeaux-style glasses are elegant and suitable for white, rosé and young red wines.

When the contents of the bottle have not all been consumed, the bottle can be stored, usually for one or two days, in a refrigerator. The bottle must be closed, preferably with a vacuum system to preserve the characteristics of the wine.

Drink Wisely

To enjoy wine to the fullest, with pleasure, recognize that each wine is a unique natural product, the result of our culture for millennia.
To discover the aromas and flavors of each wine, and enjoy them in full, requires careful and moderate tasting. Excessive consumption is not compatible with the assessment of organoleptic characteristics of the wine, harms health and can be the cause of many social problems.

We export wine’s Vinho Verde worldwide.

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