Red wine Toscana IGT Rosso Ciliegiolo Giove

Italian red wine from the Tuscany.

It’s a wine with 100% Ciliegiolo wine grapes.
Deep ruby red hue with purple reflections.

Even if its aromatic profile is at the beginning wrapped in a peculiar peaty note, it is then completely filled with the most appealing red fruit: strawberry, raspberry and, obviously, cherry.

In the mouth the wine feels soft and juicy, with an acidity that is perfectly balanced with the global structure and an excellent olfactory and gustative harmony, with a bitterish finish.

Due to its evident aromatic character and its structure, the Ciliegiolo matches easily with different sort of dishes, provided they are rich in scents and not excessively fat, as aromatic cold cuts (e.g. finocchiona), pastas with meat sauces, medium old cheeses and stewed red meats.

ABV: 13,5 % vol.

Enjoy it at 16-18°C in medium glasses, after decanting.

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