The all times favorite and strong beer DIABOLICI

Beer Diabolici asserts its Triple Blonde character of high fermentation and bottle refermentation.
It contains 8% alc./vol. and continues to bear the name of its creators, who bewitch the minds of those who are merrily drinking it.

This legendary elixir is worthy of a magical world and is a legacy of our popular mythology.
Having been brewed since the beginning of time at the gates of hell, the exquisite beer Diabolici is the familiar and impish companion of our festive evenings.
It is to be sampled with mischievousness in its exclusive chalice glass!

A genuine moment of truly magical flavour and quality.

First, there were the teasers, the rascals and the mischief makers: real little devils.
Eccentric to the very tip of their horns, the beer Diabolici were born in a mash tub which they consider to be the most precious source in the world.
To honour their origins, these jokers have brought out the secret recipe for their much loved liquid: a demonic beer in the image of their lively and quirky spirit.
This artisanal beverage, the fruit of a jealously guarded ancestral recipe, has a thousand and one tricks up its sleeve: sometimes amusing, sometimes lively, it all depends!

Beware of appearances: even the most daring have their breath taken away by this beer.

Today this beer has found recognition within the Finest Beer Selection, which is perpetuating its spread. From one inn to the next, beer Diabolici is extolled throughout the year. Whoever drinks it will also be imbued with malice.

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Cheers but carefully…


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